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Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) Registration

Certifying authorities (CAs) issue Digital Signature Certificates (DSCs), which are cryptographically secure keys used to validate and verify the identity of the certificate holder. DSCs are issued and utilized primarily when organizations require online digital signature authentication, document validation, and signed copy authentication.

DSC is a mandatory statutory requirement for the submission of numerous forms to the Indian government. DSC employs public-key encryption in order to generate a digital signature. Digitally transmitted documents, including emails and electronic documents, will incorporate a digital signature certificate. Using encryption technology, these signatures provide and bolster security.

Digital Signature Certificates are issued by the Controller of Certifying Authorities in India. Eight Certification Agencies have been authorized by the Office of the Controller of Certification Agencies (CCA) to issue DSCs to individuals who request them. In India, EMudhra is among the Certifying Authorities responsible for the issuance of Digital Signature Certificates.

With the assistance of Kanoons, you can acquire a secure USB token and an eMudhra Class 3 Digital Signature certificate valid for two years in India. There will be no requirement to manually submit documents or rely on courier services, as the application process will be conducted entirely online. Each digital signature comes with a FIPS-compliant ePass USB token that protects the signature for the duration of its validity.

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Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate

Class 3 DSC certificates, which include both a signature and encryption, are the most secure. With the assistance of Kanoons, you will obtain a Class 3 DSC that is capable of authenticating and encrypting data using a USB token and an encryption certificate. An encryption certificate is utilized to encrypt the data, whereas a signature certificate is employed to authenticate a document. The recipients of Class 3 DSCs will be both individuals and businesses/organizations.

Class 3 digital signatures are applicable for a variety of purposes, including e-tendering, LLP registration, GST application, Form 16, patent and trademark e-filing, Customs e-filing, e-procurement, e-bidding, and e-auction, among others.

Class 3 DSC for Individual

Individuals can obtain a Class 3 Digital Signature through Kanoons using an ePass Token. The authorized individual may append DSC to electronically submitted documents. Ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of records transmitted electronically is its primary objective.

Class 3 DSC for Company/Organization

Class 3 DSC is applicable for organizations, corporations, NGOs, trusts, and government agencies. With the assistance of Kanoons, you can acquire a two-year valid eMudhra Class 3 Digital Signature certificate and a secure USB token in India.

A DSC will be issued in the name of the Company; this verifies the user’s entitlement on behalf of the Company and includes both personal and corporate information. The issuance of a Class 3 DSC for Company authorizes the signatory of any corporation.

Importance of Digital Signature Certificates:

DSCs, or Digital Signature Certificates, are indispensable in the current digital environment.

  1. Legal Compliance: DSCs are indispensable for adhering to regulations and laws governing electronic signatures. They ensure compliance with legal requirements of digital documents and transactions.
  2. Business Transactions: DSCs are indispensable for signing contracts, agreements, financial transactions, and other vital documents in the business world. They provide a convenient and secure method for conducting commerce.
  3. Efficiency: DSCs are required by numerous agencies and departments in the world of government transactions to facilitate the online submission of forms, applications, and other materials. They aid in establishing confidence in government-to-government online interactions.
  4. Financial Transactions: For secure online banking and financial transactions, banks and financial institutions frequently mandate the use of DSCs. This serves to safeguard financial information and deter fraudulent activities.
  5. International Trade: DSCs are essential components of commerce and international trade. They enable the exchange of trade-related documents and transactions, including import-export licenses and trade agreements, in a secure and compliant manner.

Benefits of DSC and Its Importance

Digital Signature Certificates (DSCs) provide a multitude of advantages. These are the primary benefits of DSCs:

  1. Security: DSCs ensure the integrity of the document and verify the identity of the signer, thereby providing an exceptional level of security. They provide safeguards against unauthorized access and interference.
  2. Legally enforceable: Digital signatures possess legal force in India, among other nations. Due to their equivalent legal standing to tangible signatures, they are highly suitable for a wide range of business and legal transactions.
  3. Enhanced efficiency: Document management is optimized through the elimination of tangible signatures and paperwork by DSCs. As a result, document processing is expedited, administrative duties are diminished, and overall efficiency is enhanced.
  4. Cost Effective: One way in which DSCs contribute to cost savings and enhanced resource management is by decreasing the dependence on paper-based processes, courier services, and manual handling.
  5. Globally accepted: DSCs have achieved international recognition and acceptance. They ensure the security and legal validity of documents sent and received from other nations, which is crucial for international transactions.
  6. Data Integrity: Data is safeguarded during transmission by DSCs via encryption. This is essential for preventing unauthorized access to sensitive or confidential information.

Disadvantages of Digital Signatures

Similar to any other electronic product, digital signatures are not without their drawbacks. These consist of:

  1. Expiration: Similar to other technological products, digital signatures are extremely reliant on the underlying technology. Numerous technological products in this age of rapid technological development have a limited expiration life.
  2. Digital certificates may be required for recipients and senders to utilize digital signatures; these certificates are available for a fee from reputable certification authorities.
  3. In order to utilize digital certificates, both senders and recipients are required to purchase verification software, which incurs a fee.
  4. Law enforcement regulations pertaining to cyber and technology-related matters are inadequate or non-existent in certain states and nations. Those who conduct business in such jurisdictions using digitally signed electronic documents face a substantial risk.
  5. Compatibility: The majority of the numerous digital signature standards are incompatible with one another, which complicates the process of exchanging digitally signed documents.

Acquire Your DGFT Digital Signature Securely with Kanoons

Your reliable associate in acquiring a Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate is Kanoons. For increased security, this comprehensive certificate consists of a signature, an encryption certificate, and a USB token. Although the signature certificate is critical for document authentication, it is the encryption certificate that guarantees the security of your data. It is accessible to organizations and individuals alike.

The acquisition of the Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate via Kanoons will enhance the dependability and security of your online transactions. It ensures the integrity of your digital documents and provides strong encryption for data. Permit Kanoons to assist you in every step of the procedure, granting you the confidence to conduct secure online transactions.

Renewal of Class 3 DSC

As per the directives of the Controller of Certification Agencies (CCA), the process of renewing Digital Signatures necessitates the implementation of new identity verification procedures. To renew your Class 3 DSC on the Kanoons website, proceed with the identical procedure as when you purchase a new Digital Signature Certificate.

  1. Renewal applications are accepted via our website either prior to or after the DSC’s expiration date.
  2. Renewal costs are identical to those incurred when purchasing a new DSC via our website.




  • ePass 2003 USB Token
  • 2 Years eMudhra DSC



  • ePass 2003 USB Token
  • 2 Years eMudhra DSC



  • ePass 2003 USB Token
  • 2 Years eMudhra DSC

No Late Fee

It has been observed that numerous small businesses incur significant penalties every year for late filing of various statutory returns to the Government. These penalties are non-tax-deductible and can adversely affect the profitability of these enterprises. At Kanoons, our primary objective is to offer cost-effective services to our clients and assist them in avoiding any late fees. In line with our commitment, we have developed cutting-edge technology that enables businesses to stay ahead of compliance requirements and prevent any penalties. Explore our range of compliance services below to ensure smooth and hassle-free operations.


What is a Certificate of Digital Signature?

A digital signature refers to an electronic signature that serves the purpose of verifying the identity of the document’s originator or signatory. DSCs are effortlessly transportable and resistant to induction and infiltration.

Who distributes DSCs?

In accordance with section 24 of the Indian Act 2000, certificates are issued exclusively by the Office of the Controller of Certifying Authorities (CCA) to Certifying Authorities. In turn, the CAs provide end-users with Digital Signature Certificates.

Exists any proof that the Digital Signature Certificate is valid?

DSCs are customarily issued with validity periods of either one or two years. These remain renewable once the initial issue period has expired.

Is it possible to possess two DSCs?

Two distinct Digital Signature certificates are permissible for an individual to possess: one for official use and the other for personal use.

Define Class 3 DSC.

Class 3 represents the pinnacle of DSC, wherein an individual’s identity is authenticated by a Registration Authority. Class 3 DSC IS is utilized for electronic document registration and tender submission.

Define an ePass Token.

ePass is a USB token that stores certificates containing digital signatures. This USB token ensures the confidentiality of your online digital signature.

How do I enroll DSC in the newly launched income tax portal?

Install the DSC Management Utility that you downloaded from the Income Tax Portal. After logging into the new electronic filing portal, select the My Profile link. Enroll in DSC. Enter the email address associated with the provider password and DSC token. To register DSC on the new income tax portal, click the Sign button.

Is re-registration of the DSC required in the new e-Filing portal for taxpayers?

Taxpayers are required to re-register their DSC in the new e-Filing portal, notwithstanding the continued functionality of their previously registered DSC. DSC information from the previous portal has not been migrated due to technical and data security concerns.

What legal standing does a digital signature possess?

The legal validity and admissibility of digital signatures in a court of law is stipulated in the Information Technology Act of 2000.

What is the need for DSC?

It is mandatory for DSC to encrypt the emails and documents and transmit and receive them digitally. Additionally, it is a prerequisite for eProcurement, eTendering, eFiling, and income tax registration, among numerous other applications.

Can MCA electronic filing be completed without a DSC?

No, eFiling is not permitted without a Digital Signature Certificate per MCA regulations.

Is it feasible to modify the DSC during the renewal process?

The only modifications that must be implemented during the renewal process are the address and contact information of the individual.

What is the duration of the DSC application process in India?

Leasing a Digital Signature Certificate in India typically requires three to seven days.
DSC usage authorization is possible.
When an individual wishes to delegate the act of signing to another person, that person must sign the corresponding documents using their own Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) credentials.

Who requires DSC Class 3?

Class 3 DSC is utilized for electronic document filing, electronic auction and tender submittal, e-bidding, e-auctioning, patent filing, and logo submission. GST return e-filing, TDS return e-filing, income tax e-filing, autograph a Word or PDF, and additional services.

Which document is required to obtain DSC?

  1. Individual Aadhaar
  2. Organizational Certificate Certificate
  3. Authorization Letter
  4. PAN (Softcopy) or Offline XML Identity verification
  5. Proof of address (Softcopy)Establishing organizational substantiation
  6. An image (softcopy)Proof of Authorized Signatory
  7. A digital signature and a digital signature certificate are not synonymous.
  8. A Digital Signature certifies an individual’s digital signature on a document, whereas a

Digital Signature Certificate is a data entry system-based document comprising the subsequent information:

  1. Identification information regarding the subscriber, including name and other identifying details
  2. The subscriber’s public key
  3. Specifics regarding the validity period of the DSC

Why is the DSC required for income tax filings?

DSC is obligated to affix its signature to Income Tax Returns/Statementary Forms, as well as verify responses to notices and refund reissue requests issued by the Income Tax Department. Prior to signing or verifying any document, the user’s DSC must be registered with the e-Filing system.

What are the various Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) varieties that are considered valid for MCA21?

Digital Signature Certificates of Class 3 are valid for MCA21.

Which specific variety of Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is required in order to utilize e-Filing on the MCA Portal?

For e-Filing on the MCA Portal, a DSC of Class 3 signing certificate category issued by a licensed Certifying Authority (CA) is required.

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