Trademark Renewal

Trademark Renewal

Registered trademarks possess a 10-year validity and could be renewed indefinitely. The Registrar has established a broad window that you accomplish this, starting from 6 months prior to the date of expiry. Even in case you’ve forgotten, as even big businesses have a tendency to do, you’ll be sent a notice to the address concerning the expiry before the 6 weeks is up. If you still don’t file for renewal, then the Registrar may promote its intent to eliminate the trademark from the Trade Marks Journal. That is, nevertheless, likely to occur only 12 months following the expiry date. Between 6 and 12 months following expiry, trademark registration may be renewed on payment of a good by means of a process known as recovery.

Trademark registration is a sort of intellectual property protection, below which a term or visual symbol employed by a company to distinguish its products or services in other similar products or services originating from another company can be guarded. To register a trademark, a trademark application has to be submitted by the applicant with all the applicable Trade Mark Registrar in the prescribed format. Once a trademark application is submitted, the Trade Marks Registrar would process the program and supply registration under the Trade Mark Act. On registration of a signature, the R symbol may be used in addition to the trademark and the enrollment is valid for a period of a decade. During enrollment, in the event of breach of trademark, a lawsuit could be filed to reduce manipulation of their mark.

Trademark renewal should be submitted before expiry of this mark. The signature renewal application form has to be ready and registered before deadline to enjoy seamless protection of this trademark with no odds of litigation.
Kanoons is the major company services stage in India, supplying an assortment of services such as business registration, trademark filing, tax registration, tax filing and funding syndication. Kanoons will be able to allow you to renew an present trademark. The normal time required to draft and file a signature renewal is approximately 5 – 10 working days, subject to authorities processing time plus customer record entry. Receive a Free consultation on submitting a signature renewal by scheduling a consultation with an kanoons Advisor

Trademark Renewal Process
The moment you send us your information, a representative will get in contact to discover more regarding your needs and clarify the procedure and fees to you. Fees depend on if you will need the trademark revived. Renewal costs Rs. 5000 in government prices, whilst restoration prices Rs. 8000.

Our lawyers will begin working on your own trademark renewal program and prepare the relevant documents. Either Form-10 or even Form-12 would have to be registered with the Registrar, together with the renewal charges.

We’ll keep you up-to-date on the status of your program, but within a few weeks you will get confirmation that your trademark was renewed for another 10 years.

Working Area: Pan India
Duration: 7 Working Days
Partners: Aadhar/Voter/Passport, Passport Size Photos
Place of Registration: Electricity Bill/Property Tax, Rental Agreement/NOC

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  • Drafting and filing of trademark renewal application. For individuals, proprietorships, registered SMEs and registered Startups. Inclusive of government fee and GST.



  • Drafting and filing of trademark renewal application along with MSME registration certificate. Inclusive of government fee and GST.



  • Drafting and filing of trademark renewal application. For entities without Startup or MSME registration. Inclusive of government fee and GST.

*Account Opening: We just assist you in opening Current Account in one of our partner’s bank.

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How we help with trademark renewal? will help you file a trademark renewal program in 5 to 10 working days, subject to authorities and client processing period.
Renewal Filing
On getting the permission of the customer, the signature renewal application is registered with the Trademark Registry as well as the processing of this program is monitored.

What is Trademark Renewal?

Trademark Renewal is a procedure to reestablish the rights and protection that a trademark supplies into the business enterprise.

When do you require to renew your trademark?

The signature has a validity of 10 years and you have to renew the enrollment. An individual can enroll within 6 months prior to expiry, following six months of expiry or within a year of expiry

Can a Trademark be restored after its removal from the register?

Yes, in the event the trademark is removed from the register the proprietor can still revive it by submitting TM-10 and TM-13 forms together with the prescribed fee within a year of their trademark expiry.

What is the difference between Trademark Registration and Trademark Renewal?

Trademark Registration is initiated to protect a new name and possess private rights for its own usage, nevertheless; Trademark Renewal expands the security for another 10 years.

What are the consequences for non-renewal of a Trademark within the time limit?

The signature becomes eliminated from the register in the event the owner doesn’t apply for its renewal over the allocated time period. The most time to rekindle a signature is 12 months following expiry.

Can a trademark be removed on the ground of non-use?

Yes, if a trademark isn’t in use for 5 successive years from the date of enrollment or not employed for 3 months prior to the date of application for removal, then it may be taken off.

Does the trademark owner get intimated about his/her Trademark Renewal?

Yes, the trademark owner receives intimation about his/her trademark renewal via IP India. They deliver an electronically created note in the Trademark Automation System that’s delivered by a registered post in the operator’s address.

If trademark renewal is not done within due time and another company registers the same. Can the former owner oppose the registration?

No, the prior trademark owner doesn’t have the right to oppose the enrollment because he/she doesn’t have the specific trademark.
Once a signature expires, it’s available from the public domain, and anyone can use it for enrollment.

Can anyone else apply for Trademark Renewal on the part of the Trademark Owner?

Yes, in the event the owner isn’t readily available to use for Trademark Renewal, it may also be carried out by their licensed broker, managing trustee, executor or administrator.

What happens when an Objection is raised during Trademark Renewal?

Once an event is raised throughout Trademark Renewal, a query letter is delivered to the applicant. The renewal procedure stays pending before the time a reply isn’t obtained in the applicant.

Can you change or modify the Trademark Class during Renewal?

No, after a signature is filed under a specific course, the thing can’t change or alter it.

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