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Provisional Patents

Among the most essential legal document whilst applying for patent registration is provisional specification or absolute specification.  To improve the possibilities of getting patent enrollment, a supply specification can be submitted together with a patent application if the candidate believes that the creation has gotten to a point wherein it could be revealed on newspaper, but hasn’t attained the last stage.  Therefore, provisional specification are similar to draft specification registered mainly to procure a priority date to the application over any other application that might be submitted in respect of the identical innovation being developed by a competitor.

A supply specification must include the name and description of this creation.  The description should begin in the next page, beginning with the area of innovation and comprising the history of the creation, object of the creation and statement of their creation.  In provisional specification, claims aren’t included.  Claims are typically contained only in the entire specification.

kanoons is your major company services platform in India, supplying many different services such as Trademark registration, Patent registration, GST registration, LLP registration and much more.  Kanoons can help you file a provisional patent application in India.  The normal time required to file a provisional patent application is about 15 – 20 working days, subject to authorities processing time plus customer record entry.  Receive a totally free consultation on provisional patent application filing by scheduling a consultation with a kanoons Advisor.

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  • Provisional application of device patents with the Indian Patent Office. Invention abstract and provisional specifications to be provided by the client. Inclusive of government fees and GST.



  • Provisional application of design and medical patents with the Indian Patent Office. Invention abstract and provisional specifications to be provided by the client. Inclusive of government fees and GST.



  • Provisional application of device, design or medical patents with the Indian Patent Office. Invention abstract to be provided by the client. Claims specifications will be drafted by kanoons expert. Inclusive of government fees and GST.

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What can be patented?

A patentable invention can be any (1) Art, procedure, manner or method of manufacture, (2) Machine, devices or other posts, (3) Compounds made by manufacturing, (4) Computer applications with specialized application to market or utilized with Hardware, and (5 ) ) Merchandise patent for food, chemicals, drugs and medications.

What information do I need to provide?

The specifics of the invention on a CD or pen drive, together with its name, compaarison with existing goods, utilizes and date of publication (if any).  Applicant data can be required.

What is expected from the patentee as an obligation?

A patentee must disclose the invention from the patent document for anybody to practice it following the expiry of the patent or clinic it together with the permission of the patent holder throughout the life span of the patent.

Is there a worldwide patent??

No, it is only in India. But filing an application in India allows the applicant to submit a corresponding application for same creation in convention countries, before or within expiry of twelve months from the filing date in India.  Therefore, independent patents ought to be obtained in every country in which the candidate needs protection of his creation in those nations.  There’s not any patent legitimate globally.

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