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ESI Registration

In India, businesses are obligated to obtain Employee State Insurance (ESI) registration in order to comply with regulations set forth by the Employee State Insurance Corporation (ESIC). Indian laborers who earn a designated monthly wage are eligible to receive social security and health insurance benefits under this program, which typically extends to their dependents as well. It may apply to organizations with ten or more workers, contingent upon the nature and geographical placement of the concern.

Our team of professionals at Kanoons is committed to aiding organizations in managing the intricacies associated with ESI registration. By leveraging our extensive knowledge of regulatory obligations and adopting a customer-focused methodology, we guarantee a smooth and trouble-free enrollment procedure for your organization, thereby guaranteeing the numerous advantages of the ESI scheme for your staff.

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ESI Scheme

Employee State Insurance (ESI) functions in accordance with the ESI Act of 1948. It is a government initiative intended to provide laborers with social security benefits. The responsibility for managing this program is vested in the Employee State Insurance Corporation (ESIC). Employment information and formal registration of establishments with ESIC are prerequisites for employer participation in the program.

Ensuring adherence to the complex regulations mandated by the government can present employers with a substantial obstacle. the ESI specialists at Kanoons who can provide assistance with these issues.

Definition and Scope of Establishments Under the ESI Act

An establishment, as defined by the Employee State Insurance (ESI) Act, is any organized entity comprising individuals of both genders, irrespective of its physical whereabouts. This encompasses commercial establishments and retail locations, which are required to participate in the ESI program if they have a minimum of 10 employees (or 20 in specific states), and these employees must earn a maximum of Rs. 21,000 per month (or Rs. 25,000 for individuals with disabilities).

Who is eligible for ESI Registration?

The official notice specifies, pursuant to Section 1(5), which state government-affiliated entities are subject to the ESI Act:

  1. Retail establishments
  2. Hotels or dining establishments engaged exclusively in sales
  3. Movie theaters, which may feature preview areas
  4. Organizations engaged in the publication of newspapers (which are exempt from the Factory Act)
  5. Private healthcare facilities
  6. Institutions of private education
  7. Temporary personnel hired by municipal corporations or entities

These organizations are obligated to undergo ESIC registration if they maintain a workforce of ten or more members.
In addition, the Central Government has extended the scope of Section 1(5) of the ESI Act to encompass the subsequent entities that are affiliated with the central government:

  1. Retail establishments
  2. Hotels and dining establishments
  3. Road transportation-related businesses
  4. Cinemas, including preview theatres
  5. Newspaper organizations
  6. Insurance-related enterprises
  7. Airport authorities
  8. Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs)
  9. Warehousing enterprises

In the case of these entities affiliated with the central government, ESIC registration becomes obligatory for any workforce of 20 or more people.

Eligibility criteria for ESI registration

The following are the eligibility requirements for ESI registration:

  1. Employees of establishments, factories, or stores that employ a workforce exceeding ten are qualified to receive ESI benefits in accordance with Section 2(12) of the ESI Act, 1948.
  2. Every employee and their dependents, irrespective of industry or sector, is eligible to obtain ESI medical benefits from hospitals and dispensaries operated by ESIC.

Maternity benefits are available to women employees and individuals with disabilities who earn an income of Rs. 21,000 or less per month, respectively, in accordance with the ESI Act. This includes paid leave for a variety of reasons, including pregnancy (both before and after delivery), medical termination, miscarriage, and adoption, in addition to medical and monetary benefits.

Advantages of ESIC Registration

ESIC registration provides an extensive array of advantages for employees, protecting their well-being, financial security, and familial units. The principal benefits consist of:

  1. Incapacity Benefit: During certified incapacity periods, employees are entitled to 70% of their wages for up to 91 days per year.
  2. Extended Sickness Benefit: For specific chronic and severe illnesses, employees are eligible to receive an extended benefit equal to 80% of their wages for a duration of up to two years.
  3. Augmented Sickness Benefit: Employees undergoing sterilisation are entitled to complete wage compensation, with an additional seven days off for vasectomy and fourteen days off for tubectomy.
  4. Medical Benefits: Employees and their families have access to comprehensive medical care, which guarantees their overall health.
  5. Retired Medical Benefits: By paying an annual premium of Rs. 120, retired personnel and their spouses become eligible for continued medical benefits.
  6. Maternity Benefit: For a period of 26 weeks, extendable by one month, pregnant women are eligible to receive their total wages as maternity benefit. This benefit serves to guarantee financial stability throughout the process of childbirth.
  7. Dependents’ Benefit: A monthly payment equal to 90% of the employee’s compensation is provided to their dependents in the event of an employment-related fatality.
  8. Temporary Disablement Benefit: Until the disability lasts, employees who sustain an injury on the job receive 90% of their wages as a benefit.
  9. Permanent disability benefits stipulate that employees are eligible to receive a monthly payment equivalent to 90% of their wages, determined by a Medical Board’s evaluation of the extent of their diminished earning capacity.
  10. Bereavement Expenses: A predetermined amount of Rs. 15,000 is allocated to the bereaved or the person performing the final rituals in order to assist with funeral expenditures.

Documents Required for ESI Registration

For online registration on the ESIC website, the following documents are mandatory for ESI (Employee State Insurance) registration and must be submitted in digital or electronic format:

  1. In the online ESIC registration process, tangible document submission is not mandatory for businesses.
  2. Proof of business registration:
  3. Documents required to be uploaded during the online registration process include the following: One of the following, depending on the nature of business:
    1.  Certificate of Factories Act Registration.
    2. The Shops and Establishment Act Certificate of Registration.
    3. Certificate of Establishment Incorporation, if applicable based on the type of entity:
    4. Certificate of Company Registration for corporations.
    5. A partnership agreement for corporations organized as partnerships.
    6. Certificate of Goods and Services Tax (GST) Registration of the business.
  4. The Founding Documents of the Company:
    1. MoA, or Memorandum of Association.
    2. AoA, or Articles of Association.
    3. Proof of the establishment’s address: One of the subsequent options may be supplied:
    4. A recent utility bill (within the last three months for electricity, gas, or telephone service).
    5. Agreement regarding the rental of the establishment’s space.
    6. Recipient of property tax for the location of the establishment.
    7. Employee Details: An exhaustive enumeration of every employee affiliated with the organization.
    8. PAN Cards: The PAN information of the organization as well as every employee.
    9. Employee Compensation Particulars: Data pertaining to the wages and salaries of every employee.
    10. Information about the organization’s bank account, including a voided check.
    11. Company leadership information:
      1. A directory of the organization’s directors.
      2. A list of the shareholders of the company.

One of the responsibilities of the employee attendance register is to note employee presence.

Why Choose Kanoons for ESI registration?

The team of experienced professionals at Kanoons, which consists of chartered accountants and legal specialists, provides India’s preeminent legal and compliance services. We acknowledge the paramount importance of an employer’s responsibility to file ESI returns and undertake this undertaking with the utmost diligence and meticulousness. Our procedure for preparing and submitting ESI returns is optimized, time-saving, and streamlined. We prioritize transparency in our service delivery by guaranteeing that you are provided with consistent updates at every stage of the process. If you have any inquiries throughout the ESI filing or registration process, our knowledgeable team is at your disposal to offer the required assistance and direction.

Compliances After ESIC Registration

Following registration for Employee’s State Insurance (ESI), an organization is required to comply with specific regulations and submit the necessary ESI returns. These responsibilities are essential in guaranteeing uninterrupted functioning and compliance with regulatory criteria. The obligatory adherences comprise:

  1. Attendance Register Maintenance: It is imperative that the establishment conscientiously uphold an attendance register for the purpose of documenting the presence of every employee. This document is of the utmost importance for internal record-keeping and compliance.
  2. Register of Wages: It is imperative to diligently maintain a comprehensive register of wages for all employees. The transparency of salary information documented in this register is critical, as it guarantees adherence to ESIC regulations.

It is mandatory to maintain an inspection journal in order to document all inspections conducted on the premises. This promotes regulatory compliance and transparency throughout official examinations.

  1. Monthly Return and Challan Submission: Within the initial 15 days of the subsequent month, the establishment is obligated to submit monthly returns and challans. This entails furnishing information regarding personnel, their attendance records, and the corresponding ESIC contributions.
  2. An accident register is an essential requirement for recording incidents that occur on the premises. Compliance requires that accidents be meticulously documented. It promotes a proactive stance in relation to safety in the workplace.




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No Late Fee

It has been observed that numerous small businesses incur significant penalties every year for late filing of various statutory returns to the Government. These penalties are non-tax-deductible and can adversely affect the profitability of these enterprises. At Kanoons, our primary objective is to offer cost-effective services to our clients and assist them in avoiding any late fees. In line with our commitment, we have developed cutting-edge technology that enables businesses to stay ahead of compliance requirements and prevent any penalties. Explore our range of compliance services below to ensure smooth and hassle-free operations.


Describe ESI Registration.

Enrollment in the Employee State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) scheme, which provides social security and health insurance benefits to employees earning a specified threshold, is a compulsory procedure known as ESI Registration for Indian enterprises.

In what way can Kanoons be of assistance regarding ESI Registration?

Kanoons provides businesses with proficient guidance to navigate the intricacies of the electronic SI registration procedure, guaranteeing a smooth and trouble-free experience.

Which documentation is necessary to register for the ESI?

Proof of business registration, a GST certificate, memorandums of association and letters of association for corporations, proof of address, PAN cards for both the company and its employees, and a comprehensive employee roster with compensation particulars are essential documentation.

What are the obligations of conformance subsequent to ESI registration?

Businesses are required, among other things, to maintain various registers (wages, attendance), submit monthly returns and challans, and maintain an accident register after registration.

What is the duration of the ESI registration procedure when using Kanoons?

Kanoons strives to ensure that the registration process is executed with maximum efficiency and speed, frequently finalizing it within a few days of obtaining all requisite documents, although the precise timeframe may fluctuate.

Could contractors and freelancers qualify for ESI coverage?

ESI coverage is customarily extended to personnel employed within qualifying establishments. The coverage of freelancers or contractors may be indirect, unless they are explicitly employed by the establishment in question.

What occurs if the ESI registration application contains an error?

To prevent delays and ensure compliance, Kanoons can assist in identifying and rectifying errors in the ESI registration application.

What measures are taken by Kanoons to safeguard confidential data throughout the ESI registration procedure?

Strict confidentiality policies are adhered to by Kanoons to guarantee the secure handling and protection of all client information during the registration process.

How do organizations utilize Kanoons to monitor the status of their ESI registration?

Businesses can access a customer portal through which we communicate consistent updates regarding the status of their ESI registration.

Who is ESI registration mandatory?

Businesses (including establishments, shops, and factories) with ten or more employees (and, in some cases, twenty or more) and employees earning a maximum of Rs. 21,000 per month (or Rs. 25,000 for disabled individuals) are required to enroll in ESI.

What are the advantages that employees gain from ESI registration?

Among other benefits, registered personnel are entitled to maternity and ill leave, medical coverage for their families, and compensation in the event of an occupational injury or fatality.

In what ways has the ESI registration procedure evolved?

A completely online system has replaced the manual ESI registration procedure, rendering it more accessible and streamlined for organizations.

What function does Kanoons serve following ESIA registration?

In addition to aiding in the registration process, Kanoons can facilitate the adherence of businesses to ESIC regulations and guarantee the punctual submission of essential documents and returns.

Are penalties associated with failure to comply with ESI regulations?

Indeed, non-compliance of businesses with ESI regulations may result in legal ramifications and monetary penalties. Such penalties can be avoided by businesses with the assistance of Kanoons, which ensures compliance.

By what means does Kanoons guarantee the precision of the ESI registration procedure?

Utilizing a comprehensive protocol and a team of experts well-versed in ESIC regulations, Kanoons verifies the submission of all documents and information.

Can Kanoons assist with the deregistration procedure when an organization's eligibility for ESI changes?

Kanoons does indeed offer assistance and direction throughout the deregistration procedure in the event that a company no longer satisfies the ESI eligibility requirements.

What is the cost of the ESI registration services provided by Kanoons?

The expense may differ depending on the particular specifications and scale of the enterprise. Kanoons provides pricing transparency and is able to provide a quotation for specific services required.

Does Kanoons have any industry-specific knowledge regarding ESI registration considerations?

Kanoons is capable of offering industry-specific guidance on ESI registration, taking into account the distinct demands and obstacles encountered by various sectors.

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