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Frequently Asked Questions

General 12 questions
  • What is lawyer?

    Lawyer (also referred to as attorney, counsel, counsellor, solicitor, or barrister) is a professionally trained and accredited individual who helps individuals with legal issues, often preparing legal documents or representing individuals before courts and government agencies.

  • What are the main duties and responsibilities of a lawyer?

    A lawyer has two primary responsibilities: to maintain the law and also to safeguard a customer’s rights.  

  • What is ‘Legal Advice’?

    As soon as a lawyer provides you “advice”, it’s a conclusion drawn from several years of study and training and maybe many hours of searching through volumes of written material to be sure it includes all of the laws affecting your difficulty.  When preparing a contract, pleading, or other files for you, your lawyer brings the ability and understanding of the legal profession into that job.  

  • If I have a legal problem, must I hire lawyer?

    Not necessarily. There are several resources available to people.  Possibly your situation might be solved through mediation or maybe in small claims court.  Contacting the lawyer referral program can enable you to ascertain the most appropriate plan of action for your particular need.  

  • When should I go to lawyer?

    The old saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is equally crucial in legislation because it is in medicine.  The ideal time to attend a lawyer is before you’re in legal trouble.  It’s best to ask your lawyer before you sign documents or take other actions which may severely change your legal position.   

  • when you should consider consulting lawyer?
    1. You’re planning to enter into a written contract that has significant financial consequences.
    2. You’re involved in an accident involving injury to individuals or damage to the land.
    3. You’re working to accumulate an account by another individual, or somebody is trying to collect an account from you that you don’t think you owe or that you wonder.
    4. You want an opinion regarding the title to a property or you need to plan your property and create a will.
    5. You’re organizing or dissolving a business enterprise. 
    6. You’re settling an estate. 
    7. You’re involved with a family situation like divorce, adoption, child support or alteration.
    8. Your rights as a customer or worker are abused.  You’ve been detained for a crime you’re served with legal documents in civil litigation. 
    9. You’ve got a change in financial status or if filing for bankruptcy.
      There are many other reasons why you need to consider consulting a lawyer.  The lawyer referral service may help you determine what choices are available. 
  • What is my duty to my lawyer?

    You need to offer your lawyer all of the facts concerning your situation and make full and fair disclosure of the entire situation.  To be able to serve you well, your lawyer should know not just the favorable facts but also the ones that could be unfavorable.

  • How will I determine whether I want to hire a lawyer?

    Most lawyers will briefly meet with you to become acquainted.  During (or shortly after) the very first assembly, you can choose whether you would like to hire the lawyer.  Before deciding to hire a lawyer, you might decide to ask particular questions to help in your investigation.    

  • When I first meet with my prospective lawyer, should I ask about the possible outcome of the case?

    Yes. Request the lawyer’s view regarding the strengths and weaknesses of your situation. Ask if the  lawyer will most likely settle your case out of court,  Which kind of experience does your lawyer have with the trial work?  Take care in case a lawyer guarantees a considerable settlement or guarantees success in court.

  • How are lawyer’s fees set?

    In determining the fee, a lawyer should take into consideration the issues involved with your case, the quantity of time it might take to resolve your issue, and the worth of the outcomes acquired for you.  You must remember that a lawyer has certain essential expenses to be able to serve customers efficiently.  From the charges, the lawyer must cover office assistance along with office lease and furnishings.  It’s also crucial to equip the workplace library and put into it consistently to maintain current updates or changes in the law.  At the interests of a solid relationship with your lawyer, you need to go over the fee in your initial consultation.  Your lawyer might be unable to inform you beforehand the specific fee, but in the majority of situations, there can be an indicator of the fee or an explanation regarding how the fee will be computed.  Occasionally a lawyer’s fee is commanded by means of a statute or fixed with court rules.  Sometimes that involves the retrieval of cash, the fee might be dependent on a contingency fee, or portion of the sum recovered.   It may be helpful to have the  lawyer put the fee agreement or billing arrangements in writing. A written agreement can help you avoid any misunderstanding.

  • Are there things I can do to help reduce my legal costs?

    Yes, answer all your lawyer’s questions entirely and frankly.  If you convey your lawyer every details as you understand them, it is going to save on time that may be spent in after investigations of your case.  It is also going to assist your lawyer is doing a much better job.  Bear in mind that a lawyer is bound by the ethics of their profession to keep what you show in strict confidence.  Also, be ready to discuss any records and documents which are linked to your topic.  It’s necessary to inform your lawyer details about your situation that reflect badly on you.  These problems will almost definitely be revealed throughout the trial.

  • What can I expect after I hire a lawyer?

    As soon as you’ve hired a lawyer, substantial and regular contact with you are usually not required.  The charges that the lawyer quotes generally presumes nominal contact.  However, if you decide that you would like to meet with your lawyer to discuss the status of your case or new developments, call and make an appointment. Make sure you ask if there’ll be an extra charges for the office visit.  Sometimes, letters would be the most economical and efficient way of managing questions

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