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Labour License

Operating a business in the state of Telangana requires compliance with the labour laws outlined in the Telangana Shops And Establishments Act of 1988. Working hours, wages, and working conditions in charitable trusts, educational institutions, printing establishments, and commercial establishments are regulated by the act. Discover additional information regarding the Shops and Establishments License in Telangana.

Before we proceed, it’s important to clarify the scope of the terms ‘Shop’ and ‘Commercial Establishments’.

A ‘Shop’ refers to any establishment where business activities are conducted or customer services are provided. These may include offices, stores, godowns, or warehouses that are used in connection with the company or trade, whether they are located at the same place or elsewhere.

On the flip side, the term Commercial establishment refers to any premises where any business, trade, or profession is conducted for profit. This Act also encompasses various establishments such as journalistic or printing facilities, as well as premises where banking, insurance, stocks and shares, brokerage, or produce exchange activities take place. It also includes places like restaurants, boarding houses, theaters, cinemas, and other venues for public entertainment. Additionally, any other place that the government designates as a commercial establishment through an official gazette notification falls under the purview of this Act.

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Exploring the Advantages of Acquiring a Shops and Establishments License

A Shops and Establishments Act license has several benefits:

  1. Opening a current account effortlessly
  2. Registering for GST with ease
  3. Requesting tenders from the state department
  4. Instilling confidence in creditors, suppliers, and other stakeholders
  5. Securing loan approvals from banks and other financial institutions.

Who is required to register under the Shops and Establishments Act?

Registration under this act is required for all businesses that operate from any establishment or shop in Telangana. Essentially, every shop or establishment that conducts business in designated areas of trade, industry, or services within the state of Telangana must be registered under the act.

In addition, this Act also applies to various business organizations, including malls, supermarkets, shops, hotels, food houses, local restaurants, city theatres, and other commercial establishments. Therefore, these establishments must comply with the law and obtain a Shops and Establishments registration.

Furthermore, it is crucial for every employer in Telangana to promptly renew their license within 30 days of its expiry. Failure to do so will incur a significant penalty. Partner with Kanoons today and ensure you never miss a renewal deadline again!

Registration fees for the Shops and Establishments Licence

The registration fee will vary based on the number of employees in your organization, as outlined below:

Number of Employees Fee Applicable 
0 Employees ₹100/-
1-5 Employees ₹500/-
6-10 Employees ₹1000/-
11-20 Employees ₹2000/-
21-50 Employees ₹5000/-
51-100 Employees ₹10,000/-
> 101 Employees ₹10,000 + 5000 for every additional 50 Persons.

Payment Timeline for Annual Fees of Shops and Establishments License

Just like an auditor, every shop and establishment registered under the Shops and Establishments Act is required to pay an annual fee in order to maintain the validity of their certification. It is recommended to make the payment between 1 November to 1 December each year.

Here is the annual fee payment timeline for shops and establishments in Telangana:

Date of Payment Penalty Levied 
1st November to 1st December No Penalty
2nd December to 31st December 25% penalty on the fees Prescribed.
31st December onwards 50% penalty on the fees Prescribed.

If you require assistance in keeping track of your annual fee payments, seek guidance from the knowledgeable professionals at Kanoons.

Understanding the Rules of the Shops and Establishments Act in Telangana

The Shops and Establishments Act in Telangana outlines important regulations that govern the operations of businesses. Having a clear understanding of these rules is crucial for both employers and employees in order to maintain compliance and foster a harmonious work environment. Here’s a breakdown of the main provisions:

Employment of Women and Children:
  1. It is important to note that no child under the age of 14 is permitted to work.
  2. Maternity leave for women: six weeks before and six weeks after delivery.
Operating Hours:
  1. Shops are required to adhere to the hours set by the government.
  2. Employees are entitled to a 1-hour break after working for 5 hours.
  3. For individuals working less than 8 hours, the interval can be shortened by half an hour.
  4. Service is permitted up until the closing hour, even if there are customers waiting.
Work Exemption:
  1. There were certain time restrictions in place for women, preventing them from working before 6 am and after 8:30 pm.
  2. Work for young individuals is not permitted before 6 am and after 7 pm.
Regulations and Employment:
  1. Maximum load capacities have been established.
  2. Pregnant women are not required to carry heavy loads.
  3. Annual medical check-ups are required by law.
  4. There should be no punishment without a valid reason.
  5. Weekly working hours capped at 48.
Weekly Holidays:
  1. Shops are closed on Sundays or a designated weekday.
  2. Employees receive nine paid holidays each year.
  3. Wages for work on holidays are offered at fair rates.
Annual Leave With Wages:
  1. Employees with 240 days of service are eligible for 15 days of leave.
  2. Individuals with less than 240 days are eligible for 8 days of leave.
Rights of Employees:
  1. Employees have the right to have their complaints addressed before any termination takes place.
  2. No termination without valid reason or 1-month notice after 6 months of continuous work.
  3. Employees who have been with the company for more than 1 year are eligible to receive 15 days’ worth of average wages per year for various circumstances.

Ensuring adherence to these regulations promotes a just and safe work environment, safeguarding the rights of both employers and employees. It is important for employers to become acquainted with these rules in order to establish a productive work environment, while employees can rest assured that their rights and benefits are protected under the Shops and Establishments Act in Telangana.

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Every registration certificate must be renewed before 30 days of expiry of the year i.e., by 1st December of every year.




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  • Account Opening*
  • MSME/Udyog Aadhar
  • GST Registration



  • Registration
  • Account Opening*
  • MSME/Udyog Aadhar
  • GST Registration



  • Registration
  • Account Opening*
  • MSME/Udyog Aadhar
  • GST Registration

*Account Opening: We just assist you in opening Current Account in one of our partner’s bank.

No Late Fee

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Which categories of establishments and enterprises are governed by the Telangana Shops and Establishments Act?

In Telangana, the retailers and Establishments Act regulates a wide range of commercial enterprises, such as restaurants, hotels, retailers, and service providers. Its scope essentially encompasses any entity engaged in the transactions of trading, offering, or delivering services.

In what ways does the Shops and Establishments Act regulate employee welfare concerns, including but not limited to working conditions and leave entitlements?

The Act takes a comprehensive approach to employee welfare. The document delineates the provisions for leave entitlements, working conditions, and governs matters such as maternity leave, intervals, and acceptable working hours. These stipulations have been established to protect the welfare and entitlements of personnel.

What are the consequences in Telangana for breaking the Rules of Shops and Establishments Act?

Penalties, fines, or legal action may follow noncompliance. The degree and nature of the infraction will determine the penalty. Maintaining compliance with the Act is essential to avoiding legal issues and continuing to operate a business legally.

How frequently should companies comply with the Shops and Establishments Act by updating their records and registrations?

Companies should update their registrations and records on a regular basis. Any modifications to the working hours, personnel details, or other pertinent data must be promptly updated. Accurate paperwork and Act compliance are ensured by frequent updates.

How does the Act handle matters pertaining to young workers' or minors' employment?

The employment of juveniles or young workers is restricted by the Act. It outlines the acceptable employment conditions, hours, and exclusions for minors. The rights and welfare of younger employees are safeguarded by these regulations.

What are the principal provisions of this Act concerning employees' working hours and holidays?

The legislation establishes predetermined work schedules for organizations, and personnel are granted weekly vacations. Critical components, working hours and holiday provisions guarantee employees a harmonious work-life equilibrium and serve as safeguards against employer exploitation.

Do businesses have to comply with any particular regulations regarding record-keeping and documentation as stipulated in this Act?

Certain record-keeping regulations must be followed by enterprises. Organizations are obligated to uphold records pertaining to employee attendance, leave, wages, and other pertinent information. Adequate documentation serves to promote transparency and facilitates resolution of conflicts or audits.

Can companies ask for changes or exclusions from some Act provisions in light of their particular situation?

Although the Act generally prohibits broad exemptions, in certain circumstances particular adjustments may be taken into consideration. Modification requests are usually considered case-by-case, underscoring the necessity for companies to comply with conventional laws.

Are certain enterprises, such stores, restaurants, or service establishments, subject to distinct regulations or considerations?

Indeed, the Act takes into account the variety of businesses. Particular regulations cover the specific subtleties that apply to retail stores, dining venues, and service providers. This customised method guarantees that regulations are applicable and workable for different kinds of enterprises.

Is there a limit on working hours under the Shops and Establishments Act, or can firms operate around the clock?

Although there might be some exceptions, the Act usually forbids nonstop, round-the-clock operations. It promotes a healthy work-life balance by preventing employee exploitation and ensuring that companies follow fair working hour limitations.

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