Society Registration
Society Registration

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Society Registration (Telangana)

Kanoons is your trusted partner in realizing your vision for impactful societal change. We recognize the importance of organized collective action aimed at non-profit service, and we are here to guide you through every step of the process. Our comprehensive service specializes in facilitating the registration of societies in compliance with the Telangana Societies Registration Act, 2001, ensuring legal recognition and operational legitimacy.

  1. Strategic Consultation: Our experienced team of legal advisors offers strategic consultation tailored to your societal objectives. Whether you’re focused on education, healthcare, environmental conservation, or any other noble cause, we provide expert guidance to align your vision with legal requirements.
  2. Customized Solutions: We understand that every societal initiative is unique, which is why we offer customized solutions to suit your specific needs. From drafting bylaws to structuring governance frameworks, we ensure that your society’s foundation is solid and sustainable.
  3. Comprehensive Documentation: Leave the paperwork to us. Our diligent team handles all documentation and formalities required for society registration, ensuring accuracy and compliance with regulatory standards.
  4. Efficient Processing: Time is of the essence, and we value your efforts to make a difference. Our streamlined process expedites society registration, minimizing delays and administrative burdens, so you can focus on advancing your mission.
  5. Continued Support: Our commitment to your cause doesn’t end with registration. We offer ongoing support and guidance to navigate governance challenges, compliance obligations, and operational hurdles, empowering you to drive long-term societal impact.

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Societies Registration Act, 2001

As per the Societies Registration Act, 2001 a minimum of 7 persons who have attained the age of 18 years can form a society in Telangana. Society should contain a minimum of 3 executive committee members. The following are some of the purposes to form a society:

  1. Art, Fine Arts and crafts
  2. Educational, charity, cultural, literature and religious purposes
  3. Sports (excluding games of chance) purpose
  4. Knowledge of commerce and industry purpose
  5. For political education and training
  6. For maintaining a library in Telangana
  7. For collection and preservation of historical monuments, technical and philosophical research
  8. Promotion of scientific temper in society
  9. For any public purpose

Acceptable Name for Society

The name of the society will certainly not resemble culture already existing in the Area. As per Prevention of Improper Use Act, 1950, does not permit the adhering to culture names:

  1. Names prohibited or signed up by State or Central Federal government via exec guidelines are can not be used
  2. Government Symbols and Names are likewise not permitted
  3. Names with an Indian Institute or University also can not be registered

MOA and Bye-Law

On enrollment of society in Telangana, certified duplicates of Memorandum of Organization of a Culture (MOA) and Bye-laws of Culture will be released. These records are evidence for culture registration.

Memorandum of Organization (MOA).

MOA of Society is likewise referred to as NGO registration form; it has the name of the culture, purpose and items of the culture and names, occupations of the participants of the board.

Bye-Laws of Society.

The bye-laws records contain stipulations in regard of the adhering to issues:.

  1. The identity of society– name and address.
  2. Activities of society.
  3. Membership information including qualification, admission, withdrawal and termination of participants.
  4. Information regarding the way of meetings to be held or convened, quorum, features and obligations.
  5. Details of workplace bearers and their appointment, political election, elimination, recall and their duties.
  6. Financing relevant information’s such as types of funds to be increased, the appointment of auditors and responsibility of members for the discharge of financial obligations.
  7. Interior issues of settlement of interior disagreements and dissolution of the society.

Embark on your journey towards societal transformation with Kanoons by your side. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and explore how we can help you establish a legally recognized society in Telangana.

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A not unusual hassle has been located after Society registration, is that, they does no longer comply with the mandatory compliance’s after registrations, which may additionally attract penalty to Society and its contributors in conjunction with Society registration may prone to cancellation. Every society has to paintings within the framework cited in MOA and regulations/ law as described at time of Registration.

Some of not unusual non compliances are as follows:

  1. Non Conduct of Board Meetings & General Meetings > Non Maintenance of Accounts Records
  2. Non Audit of Books of Accounts on Annual Basis
  3. No records of Minutes, if Board Meeting/ General Meetings Held
  4. Using of Society fund for Personal Use
  5. Non Intimation of Governing Body List on Annual Basis/ Change of Governing Body to Registrar of Societies
  6. Non Filing of ITR (Income Tax Return)

In above points, I have tried to difficult a few common errors which may additionally draws penalty. So, please contend with all regulations and law as mentioned in Society Byelaws/MOA and Rules/ Regulation Chart.




  • Bye Laws Drafting
  • Society Registration
  • PAN
  • Darpan Registration
  • Form 12A



  • Bye Laws Drafting
  • Society Registration
  • PAN
  • Darpan Registration
  • Form 12A



  • Bye Laws Drafting
  • Society Registration
  • PAN
  • Darpan Registration
  • Form 12A

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No Late Fee

It has been observed that numerous small businesses incur significant penalties every year for late filing of various statutory returns to the Government. These penalties are non-tax-deductible and can adversely affect the profitability of these enterprises. At Kanoons, our primary objective is to offer cost-effective services to our clients and assist them in avoiding any late fees. In line with our commitment, we have developed cutting-edge technology that enables businesses to stay ahead of compliance requirements and prevent any penalties. Explore our range of compliance services below to ensure smooth and hassle-free operations.


What does a society or association mean? Why is it necessary to register?

An association or society is a formalized collection of people whose primary goal is to provide non-profit services. Societies are not required to register. Such an association will be recognized legally upon registration. It will be feasible to maintain social order and legality in society. both Society and Its Members may sue.

How many people does it take to form a society or an association?

A minimum of seven individuals who are at least eighteen years old is required to establish a group or association.

What paperwork needs to be submitted in order for a society to be registered?

The steps are as follows: application → first meeting proceedings → memorandum of association → executive committee members’ list with name, address, occupation, age, and signature → bye – association laws → affidavit → passport-size photos of executive committee members.

What happens once someone registers with society?

Answer: Each year, the society is required to submit a list to the Registrar of Societies within fifteen days following the date of the General Body Meeting. The names and addresses of the officials tasked with overseeing the society’s management as well as the members of the managing committee (executive committee) will be included in that list. The general body must convene at least once a year, while the executive committee must meet at least once every three months. Any changes must be submitted to the registrar. All meeting minutes must be submitted to the registrar of societies. The bylaws of the society shall govern the election of executive committee members.

Is it possible for a registered society to split up into two or more societies or combine with another organization?

Under response, this topic is covered under section 21 of the AP Societies Registration Act of 2001. Amalgamation: Any two or more societies may become one society with or without the dissolution or division of any of the societies’ funds by sending notice to the registrar. This can be done by special resolution of both or all of the societies, and confirmed by a similar resolution at a second meeting of both or all of the societies, called after a gap of one month from the first meeting. Any society can split into two or more societies by passing a special resolution. This resolution will provide suggestions for allocating the assets and

What is the process for resolving disputes that the AP Societies Registration Act of 2001 provides?

In accordance with section 23 of the act, there are two options for resolving disputes that may arise between committee members or the organization regarding any matter pertaining to its affairs: either apply to the relevant district court and request necessary orders, or seek redress under the 1996 Arbitration and Conciliation Act.

A society or association will need to register, and where can it be registered?

The authority to register societies is vested in the Registrar of Societies, or District Registrar of a District, who is appointed in accordance with the Telangana Societies Registration Act, 2001, as it applies to the state of Telangana. A society can register with the Registrar’s office in the district where it plans to be founded. It could be necessary to submit an application online via MeeSeva to the Registrar.

Why would someone form an association or society?

An association may be established for any of the following reasons: → fine arts, crafts; → sports (apart from games of chance); → knowledge of business and industry; → political education and training; → library maintenance; → collection/preservation of historical monuments; → technical and philosophical research. The propagation of knowledge or any public objective can be achieved by the promotion of scientific temper in society, etc.

What should be excluded from the society's name?

The name cannot be the same as one that already exists in the district. names that are banned or registered by the federal or state governments via presidential orders or the 1950 Emblems and Names (Prevention of Inappropriate Use) Act. Names associated with Indian universities or institutes are likewise unregisterable.

Can a society's bylaws or memoranda be changed? What is the process, if any?

A special general body meeting called for the purpose may approve amendments to the memorandum, and another special meeting may be called after thirty days with permission. Byelaws may be changed with the consent of the majority of members at a special meeting of the general body. Within a month, the revised bylaws must be submitted to the registrar.

Is it possible for someone who is not a member of the society to view and obtain a copy of its records?

Yes, anyone may obtain a copy of the society’s documents under section 24 for use as evidence, as they are considered to be public records.

What process needs to be followed in order for the civilization to dissolve?

Answers: A society may dissolve under section 24 of the act by passing a special resolution, providing notice to the registrar in advance, and taking the required actions for the distribution and settlement of the society’s assets. Any disagreement that arises between the committee or society members will be brought before the court for resolution, and the court will issue any orders necessary, including the appointment of a liquidator. A society that is dissolved in accordance with this section must submit a complete report to the registrar detailing the property’s disposition. If any property is left over after a society dissolves and all of its debts and liabilities have been paid, it will not be given to or divided among the members of that society or any of them; instead, it will be given to another society that has a similar goal that will be named by a special resolution.

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