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Trademark registration is a sort of intellectual property protection, below which a term or visual symbol employed by a company to differentiate it products or services from other comparable products or services originating from another business could be guarded. To register a trademark, a trademark application has to be submitted by the applicant with all the applicable Trade Mark Registrar in the prescribed format. Once a trademark application is submitted, the Trade Marks Registrar would process the application and issue a Evaluation Report. One of the results, the Trademark Examination Report can permit for the signature program to be promoted prior to registration or increase an affinity for registration.

In situations wherein the Trade Mark Registrar approves an application for advertising at the Trademark Journal prior registration, any individual at the general public is permitted a chance to oppose the registration of this mark – in case a individual or business entity feels the registration of this mark wouldn’t be fair. In these scenarios, a signature may be opposed. On submitting an signature resistance, the signature applicant must submit a counter using the Trademark Registrar within two months.

kanoons can help you file a signature resistance or react to a opposition raised by another party. . The normal time required to submit a trademark resistance notice is approximately 5 – 10 working days, subject to authorities processing period and customer document entry. Receive a totally free consultation on submitting a signature resistance or reacting to a signature resistance by scheduling a consultation with a kanoons Advisor.

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  • Drafting and filing of opposition notice. Exclusive pricing for trademark applications filed by kanoons. Inclusive of government fee and GST.



  • Drafting and filing of opposition notice. Exclusive pricing for trademark applications filed by kanoons. Inclusive of government fee and GST.



  • Drafting and filing of opposition notice with written notice to the other trademark applicant. Inclusive of government fee and GST.

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What is the difference between Objection and Opposition?

The most important difference between Trademark Objection and Opposition is that Objection is increased in a preliminary phase of the trademark registration procedure. Such enrollment is increased by the trademarks examiner. A signature resistance is increased by any Person That Has a problem with your Trademark after It’s Been promoted in the Trademarks Journal

How do you respond to a trademark opposition?

When a third party is opposing your signature application, and it has served you with a notice of resistance, you’ll be required to submit an answer or negotiate a settlement. Trademark oppositions are managed prior to the Trademark Trial and Appeal.

Can a trademark be opposed after registration?

Trademark Opposition Procedure
After advertising of a signature at the Trade Marks Journal, any individual can oppose registration of this signature for a period of 3 weeks (which could be extended by a period not exceeding 1 month). … When the signature resistance application is refused, the signature will be enrolled

How much does it cost to file a trademark opposition?

The normal cost for submitting a trademark resistance form is $300 each program.

How long does a trademark opposition take?

Anything that believes it’ll be damaged by registration of this mark has thirty days from the day that the mark is published in the Trademark Official Gazette in which to file an opposition. However, as mentioned below, extensions of time can be given, extending that span around six months.

What is published for opposition trademark?

What exactly does published for resistance mean? When a marker is published for opposition, any member of those who thinks it might be damaged by the registration of this mark may file an opposition with the USPTO Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB).

What is Trademark Examination?

Trademark Examination is performed by the trademark examiner. It’s a comprehensive preliminary test of Trademark Program (registered in TM-A Form). An objection could be raised by the examiner during the exam procedure. The evaluation report will mention each of the conflicting marks/similar mark/grounds for denial

What is the procedure to check for trademark opposition?

Proceed to the official Website of IP India

Click the Trademarks Tab
Click Trademark status
Mention Trademark application number
You can view the entire information about the trademark, along with the status of the signature program
In the event the program is indicated as ‘opposed’ it usually means that registration of your mark is compared by any interested party.

What should I do if my trademark application is opposed?

Click Examination report link and Get the same

Assess the date on evaluation report and compute the final date to file the reply/counter-statement into the signature resistance raised in the exam report

How does the examiner examine the application?

The examiner carries comprehensive examination to test for clerical mistakes and legal mistakes disallowed under the Trademarks Act, 1999. The examiner will assess:
In the event the legal requirements under the Act and Rules are fulfilled
Grounds where the Trademark was objected (if any) and when the same was rectified
If any constraints, conditions, or limitations must be put on the program after being approved.

Is there any Government fee to file the Counter-statement?

Yes, there’s a government charge of Rs. 2700 for submitting counter-statement for signature resistance.

Who issues the Examination report?

The Trademark examiners in Trademark registry difficulty that the examination report.

What are the grounds for trademark Opposition?

The Resistance will be Increased by the next party as under the Trademarks Act, 1999 at the following Scenarios:

Descriptive title: When the Trademark is comprehensive, or straight indicates the fundamental nature of this service or product, an event will be increased.
Deceptive or equal: When the signature is deceptively similar or will probably confuse the people or is copying of an already enrolled trademark, an event will be increased.
Prohibited: When the signature moves contrary to the trademarks and names mentioned in the Emblems and Names behave, 1950 or some other relevant law, the program will probably be mitigated from the Examiner.

Is the appointment of an attorney is mandatory to file a reply?

The answer is a chance to show your arguments against the resistance raised by the Examiner and must be submitted correctly. It’s mandatory to employ a lawyer to submit a response, it’s a good idea to seek legal assistance, to enhance your chances.
Lawyers have a seasoned comprehension of trademark problems and will have the ability to supply sound legal counsel.

My signature application is still marked as 'opposed' even following the examination answer is registered. What if I do?

The examiner would require about 4-5 weeks to have a look at the signature examination answer and analyse exactly the same.

How do I check if my reply has been filed by my lawyer?

In case the counter-statement was registered, the ‘Type TM-O’ will become active at the close of the program, which you may download. Additionally, you might have gotten a receipt for answer filing from the lawyer who filed the same.

I overlooked my Trademark examination response deadline, however, the status is still displayed as objected. Could I file the answer today?

Yes, as long as the status is revealed the applicant is qualified to submit the answer to the examiner. On the other hand, the deadline ought to not be dismissed lightly.

Why should I file an opposition reply?

Filing a Trademark Resistance Response will Assist the applicant in the following ways-

The program will be saved out of being left handed
The Trademark will advance to another phase of this trademark application Procedure
Filing a response will be an Opportunity to defend your signature

What is the prescribed form to file examination reply?

The e-form for Submitting examination Answer is TM-O That’s to be filed within sixty Days of the reception of the exam report.

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