What is Section 446A CrPC?

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446A. Cancellation of bond and bail bond.—Without prejudice to the provisions of section 446, where a
bond under this Code is for appearance of a person in a case and it is forfeited for breach of a condition,—
(a) the bond executed by such person as well as the bond, if any, executed by one or more of his sureties in
that case shall stand cancelled; and
(b) thereafter no such person shall be released only on his own bond in that case, if the Police Officer or the
Court, as the case may be, for appearance before whom the bond was executed, is satisfied that there was no
sufficient cause for the failure of the person bound by the bond to comply with its condition:
Provided that subject to any other provisions of this Code he may be released in that case upon the execution of
a fresh personal bond for such sum of money and bond by one or more of such sureties as the Police Officer or the Court, as the case may be, thinks sufficient.

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