What is Section 154 IPC?

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  1. Owner or occupier of land on which an unlawful assembly is held —
    Whenever any unlawful assembly or riot takes place, the owner or occupier of the land upon which such unlawful assembly is held, or such riot is committed, and any person having or claiming an interest in such land, shall be punishable with fine not exceeding one thousand rupees, if he or his agent or manager, knowing that such offence is being or has been committed, or having reason to believe it is likely to be committed, do not give the earliest notice thereof in his or their power to the principal officer at the nearest police-station, and do not, in the case of his or
    their having reason to believe that it was about to be committed, use all lawful means in his or their power to prevent it, and, in the event of its taking place, do
    not use all lawful means in his or their power to disperse or suppress the riot or unlawful assembly.
    —Fine of 10,000 rupees—Non-cognizable—Bailable—Triable by any Magistrate—Non-compoundable.
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