What is Article 243ZQ ?

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243ZQ. Offences and penalties.
(1) The Legislature of a State may, by law, make provisions for the offences relating to the co- operative societies and penalties for such offences.
(2) A law made by the Legislature of a State under clause (1) shall include the commission of the following act or omission as offences, namely-
(a) a co-operative society or an officer or member thereof wilfully makes a false return or furnishes false information, or any person wilfully not furnishes any information required from him by a person authorised in this behalf under the provisions of the State Act;
(b) any person wilfully or without any reasonable excuse disobeys any summons, requisition or lawful written order issued under the provisions of the State Act;
(c) any employer who, without sufficient cause, fails to pay to a co-operative society amount deducted by him from its employee

within a period of fourteen days from the date on which such deduction is made;
(d) any officer of custodian who wilfully fails to handover custody of books, accounts, documents, records, cash, security and other property belonging to a co-operative society of which he is an officer or custodian, to an authorised person; and
(e) whoever, before, during or after the election of members of the board or office bearers, adopts any corrupt practice.

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