What is Section 112 IPC?

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  1. Abettor when liable to cumulative punishment for act abetted and for
    act done —

    If the act for which the abettor is liable under the last preceding section is
    committed in addition to the act abetted, and constitutes a distinct offence, the
    abettor is liable to punishment for each of the offences.
    A instigates B to resist by force a distress made by a public servant. B, in
    consequence, resists that distress. In offering the resistance, B voluntarily causes
    grievous hurt to the officer executing the distress. As B has committed both the
    offence of resisting the distress, and the offence of voluntarily causing grievous
    hurt, B is liable to punishment for both these offences; and, if A knew that B was
    likely voluntarily to cause grievous hurt in resisting the distress A will also be liable
    to punishment for each of the offences.
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