Share Transfer

When a business is formed, it capitalizes a licensed amount as share capital. These stocks are owned by shareholders that by the way of owning the stocks become the owner of the provider. Share Transfer The shareholders have the ability to appoint Directors that are licensed to handle the company.  On the other hand, the directors aren’t the proprietors of the business, shareholders are.Share Transfer

Share Transfer

The Visitor could be natural individual or corporate entity.  Since the shareholders will be the legal owners of a business, thus the possession of the provider is transferable and may be carried out by moving the shares from 1 thing to another.  To get a government or public firm, Share Move has a large range when compared with a privately owned firm, where the possession of the business is more limited.  The Private Limited Company is much more often than not, is possessed by a household or a closed set of men.  Thus the Chat Transport is restricted to members inside in the household of category.

Depending on the type of Business, the Articles of Association Has to Be Researched and Assessed before Beginning the share transfer. An expert advice to impact the Share Transfer is advised. Kanoons can assist you in moving shares without a much ado.  Establish a consulting session using Kanoons to find out more concerning the discuss compliances.

MOA Amendment

Our Role in Share Transfer Process

We examine the AOA and current shareholding frame of the enterprise to outline the process of share Transfer.

The files like Share Transfer Deed and other forms required to effect transfer of stocks out of transferor to transferee are ready by us.

Dependent on the share transfer records prepared and filed to the business, the shares are issued and transferred.  We assist you to notify the ROC concerning the Chat Move.

Facts About Shares

A shareholder of a business may be a natural individual, a corporate, Indian resident, NRI, foreigner or foreign corporate and retains the proportional ownership of the business.

Directors are made to deal with the organization and don’t hold the possession of the provider.  But a shareholder could be director and director may be shareholder.

The approved capital is said in the AOA of the business and in addition, it defines the limitation on the share transfer in private limited company.

Paid-up capital is the quantity of money raised by the payment of shares made by the shareholders.

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  • Share transfer from one person to another person.



  • Share transfer from one party to another, wherein transferor or transferee is a corporate entity.



  • Share transfer from one party to another, wherein transferor or transferee is a foreign national or foreign entity.


How many people are required to start a proprietorship?

Just one individual can start a proprietorship and a proprietorship may have just 1 promoter.

Who can start a sole proprietorship?

Any Indian citizen with a current account in the name of their own company can begin a sole proprietorship. Required, based on what company you’re planning to establish. But to open a current account, banks generally require a shops & establishments registration.

What are the requirements to be a proprietor?

The proprietor has to be an Indian citizen and also a resident of India. Non-resident Indians and persons of Indian origin can simply invest in a proprietorship with pre-approval of the government of India.

What documents are needed for opening a current account in the name of my sole proprietorship?

To open a current account, you need evidence of the presence of your company. Most banks will request a shops & establishments act registration. Additionally, you’ll need a pan card along with address and identity proofs.

What businesses are commonly run as sole Proprietorships?

Most local companies are run as sole proprietorships, from the grocery store to some fast food seller, as well as smaller dealers and manufacturers. This isn’t to say that larger businesses don’t operate as sole proprietors. Some jewelry stores are sole proprietors, but this isn’t suggested.

What if I wish to convert from sole proprietorship to private limited company or partnership?

You could always opt to do so. The process is somewhat tedious, but it’s possible. It’s quite normal for sole proprietors to convert to partnerships and private limited companies at a later stage.

Can I apply for any of these registrations online?

The registrations controlled from the central authorities/government — service taxation, for example — may be availed of online, whereas the state-government-controlled ones might or might not be. In certain technologically advanced states, for example Telangana or Karnataka, they’re, whereas in others they might not be.

What are the documents required to start a proprietorship?

Pan card of proprietor along with address and identity evidence is enough to begin a proprietorship and get other registrations, as required or applicable.

How long does it take to establish a business with sole proprietorship?

A sole proprietorship company doesn’t require more than 15 days open-up and getting running. This simplicity makes it popular amongst the tiny dealers and retailers. Additionally, it is much cheaper, obviously. This is another reason why it is the most frequently used business structure.

What is the capital required to start a proprietorship?

There’s no limit on the minimum funding for beginning a proprietorship. Thus, a proprietorship could be launched together with any amount of minimum capital.

How will Kanoons help me start a proprietorship?

A Kanoons associate will know your company requirements and assist you begin a proprietorship by getting the applicable registrations. Kanoons will help get the required registrations to assist the proprietor open a bank account in the name of the company, thereby demonstrating an identity for the company.

How to open a bank account for a proprietorship?

To open a bank account for a proprietorship, reserve bank of India mandates the owner provide two kinds of proofs for the proprietorship together with the pan card, identity proof and address proof of the proprietor. the 2 forms of enrollment could be some of these: Service Tax, MSME, VAT/TIN/CST registration, shop & establishment act registration, professional license, chartered accountant certificate or others as supplied from the RBI know your client norms.

Will my proprietorship firm have a separate legal identity?

No, the proprietorship firms as well as the proprietor are just one and the same. The pan cards of the proprietor are the pan card of proprietorship business. Therefore, there’ll be no separate legal identity for the company. The assets and obligations of this proprietorship company and the proprietor are also one and the same.

Will my proprietorship firm have a certificate or registration?

Proprietorship companies don’t have a certificate of incorporation or certificate of registration. The validity and identity of a proprietorship company is established by enrolling with the applicable or applicable government authorities.

How to register the name of a proprietorship?

There’s no any regulation or registry for registering the title of a proprietorship. Consequently, proprietorship companies can adopt any title which don’t infringe on registered trademarks. As there aren’t any regulations or registry for registering the title of a proprietorship, the sole method to guarantee exclusive use of the company name is to get a trademark registration of the company name.

How can I transfer my proprietorship?

A company operated by Proprietorship Company can’t be moved to a different individual, unlike a limited liability partnership or private limited company. Just the resources in the proprietorship could be transferred to some other person throughout sale. Intangible assets such as government approvals, registrations, etc., cannot be transferred to a different individual.

Can other people invest in a proprietorship?

Proprietorship companies are business entity which are owned, controlled and managed by one individual. So proprietorship companies can’t issue shares or possess investors.

What are the annual compliance requirements for a proprietorship?

Proprietorship will need to file their yearly tax return with income tax department. Other taxation filings like reporting or vat/cost filing may be necessary from time to time, based on the company action performed. Nevertheless, annual accounts or report need not be registered with the ministry or corporate affairs, which is needed for limited liability partnerships and businesses.

Is audit required for a proprietorship?

It’s not essential for proprietorships to prepare audited financial statements every year. But a tax audit may be required based on turnover as well as other standard.

Can I later convert my proprietorship into a company or LLP?

Yes, you will find ways of converting your proprietorship company into an organization or a LLP in a later date. However, the procedures to convert a proprietorship company into an organization or LLP are cumbersome, costly and time-consuming. Therefore, it’s wise for many entrepreneurs to think about and begin a LLP or business rather than a proprietorship.

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