Change Objective of the Business

To alter the goals or goals and goals of your company, you want to amend the Memorandum of Association.   Now, this is sometimes tough to do, especially if you’re a young company looking to completely alter the principal items.  But if you stick to the proper procedures, it may be carried out immediately.  By way of instance, 1 mistake many businesses make is to add several domain names in the key items.  This won’t be approved.  By way of instance, if you’re in the software company, you can cover all of applications services in the key items, but other solutions, such as designing, ought to be contained in ancillary or other items of the provider.

Procedure for Changing Name & Objectives


You first require the board to pass a resolution choosing the brand new name and altering the items of the business.  We’ll request a few records, which will be required to get the acceptance from RoC in this aspect.


We’ll file the required forms for changing the title and items, but would also have to supply us with projected turnover specifics for three decades and a statement that the organization is going to commence the business mentioned in the items within six months.

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