MOA Amendment Memorandum of Association of a provider sets the constitution of a business including the allowed range of actions of the business, state of incorporation, kind of company, funding clause, accountability clause and much more.  Changes to Memorandum of Association of a corporation may be required while altering name of an organization, changing enrolled workplace from state to state. Reversal of objects clause, alteration of funding clause or growth of authorised funds.  Changes to the Memorandum of Association of a firm will require the departure of a particular resolution and shareholders agree.

Kanoons is the major company services platform in India, supplying many different services such as business registration, trademark filing, GST registration, income tax filing and much more. Kanoons will be able to allow you to amend Memorandum of Association of an organization.  The normal time required to apply for finish a Memorandum of Association modification is approximately 10 – 15 working days, subject to authorities processing period and customer document entry.  Receive a totally free consultation on process for modification of memorandum of association by scheduling a consultation with a Kanoons Advisor.

MOA Amendment

The Memorandum of Association or MOA is your record with collection of exemptions that defines the range of an organization. The MOA is drafted and filed in the time of incorporation of the business. It lays down the constitution of the business, the rights of its members along with also the connection of this firm using its own members. Any change in various situations may necessitate alteration at the MOA, which may be carried out by passing resolution.

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  • MOA amendment for a private limited company.



  • MOA amendment for a limited company.



  • MOA amendment for a Section 8 company.

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MOA Amendment

  1. Alteration Requiring MOA Amendment
  2. Name Clause: title change of the business.
  3. Object Clause: change of this objective and additional essential matters of the company.
  4. Registered Office Clause: change of place of employment of an organization from 1 state to other across distinct ROC.
  5. Capital Clause: change in the authorized share capital of the business.
  6. Liability Clause: Alter from the accountability of the members of the Provider.

Procedure for MOA Amendment

Convene the Board Meeting of Managers Together with the Schedule of Indicating alteration at the MOA and drafting the Settlement. Pick upon the date, time and place for holding the Extraordinary General Meeting and issue notice to each of the members 21 before the date of EGM.

From the EGM, pass the special resolution and receive approval for alteration at the MOA of company.

Fill the form with ROC notifying the MOA Amendment over the 30 days of passing the special resolution.

The files required while submitting the MOA Amendment together with the Registrar comprises: certified true copy of particular resolution, copy of notice of EGM, published copy of Modified Memorandum of Association.

The submitting of MOA Amendment together with the ROC takes approximately 10-15 days, based on the government processing. Kanoons can assist you in knowing MOA, drafting the modified MOA and submitting the MOA amendment using the ROC.  Schedule a consulting session using Kanoons to find out more about corporate compliances, business registrations and tax filings.

Our Role in MOA Amendment Filing

We examine the present MOA and comprehend the history of the company.  Based on the circumstance, work out the exemptions requiring adjustment.

We assist you to draft the settlement for the EGM.

Further, we assist you draft the Modified Memorandum of Association.

There after we assist you document the MOA Amendment together with ROC together with all the needed documents.

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