Property Verification

Whenever somebody wants to purchase a property or take a home loan or mortgaging property from financing or taking land on lease for long duration, it’s crucial for them to test out all of the records linked to the property prior to making a choice to purchase so that if the owner will not get into legal trouble due to improper documents.

We at Kanoons have specialists especially dedicated for the use of confirmation of land records and provides best consultation regarding the procedure. property check has never been simpler. Purchasing a home can be an overwhelming experience, both emotionally and financially. Consequently, it’s absolutely vital to make sure that all of the legal complexities are completely unambiguous so there is not any legal hassle later on. The intricacies to be stored in check are: Legal due diligence on the property from the purchaser & a question into the seller’s ability to cover; Agreement to market and real cash; implementation of sale deed; ownership, Registration and completion of payment.


  1. Assurance that property involved in Trade is free of litigations
  2. Simpler to take loans from property after verification
  3. Assurance that vendor has right to market the house
  4. Preventing a trade if forged or fake documents are presented
  5. The seller may attempt to sell the exact same property multiple times and fraud individuals that may be averted through property verification online.

Procedure for Property Verification

We’ll connect you to property attorneys, who will create all of the necessary reports in the sub-registrar office.

After the documents are obtained, the attorneys will verify all of the property-related documents for assessing the rights and title of the seller. The documents are also verified to check the files are enrolled and proper stamp duty was paid.

Documents required for Property Verification

  1. Conveyance Deed
  2. Sale Deed
  3. Agreement To Sell
  4. GPA/Power Of Attorney
  5. Will (if any)
  6. Relinquishment Deed
  7. Partition Deed
  8. Freehold/Mutation Details etc.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Proprietorship Registration

  • Price
  • Discounted Price
  • TAN Registration
  • MSME/Udyog Aadhar
  • Account Opening*
  • GST Registration
  • 3M GST Return Filing




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  • ---




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*Account Opening: We just assist you in opening Current Account in one of our partner account.


When should the property documents be verified?

If you are a businessman carrying a home on longterm lease, are buying a house (whether against a loan or not) or accepting a loan from a property, this verification process is vital.

What are the benefits of verifying property documents?

It will supply you with total peace of mind to be aware there are no other claimants for your own property. This is a huge deal, given the huge amounts involved with such a transaction.

Who conducts the verification of my documents?

This will be accomplished through expert property attorneys.

. How long will it take for the procedure to be over?

If all of the files are in order, land verification will require no more than a week.

What all frauds can be committed by a seller in a sales transaction?

There are many frauds which may be committed. By way of instance, the seller might not have the right to market the property, or have just a partial right to market it. Moreover, there can be a claim by another individual or party within the property.

For how many years will the title search report be prepared?

You may receive Title Search report for the previous 13 years as part of the bundle.

How do I get a property search report?

Check out the way the search report helps a purchaser of land.
A search report is generally prepared by an advocate, who later going to the registrar’s office and inspecting the property records, issues a title certification. A title certificate says if the property is unencumbered and has a clear marketable title.

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