Caste Certificate

A Caste Certificate is the evidence of a person’s belonging to a specific caste as stated in the Indian Constitution. The Government believed that the Scheduled Castes and Tribes need particular encouragement and opportunities to advance in precisely the exact same rate as the rest of the citizenry. Because of this, within the Indian method of Protective Discrimination, there exist definite special privileges given to this group of taxpayers, such as booking of seats in the Legislatures and at the Government Service, waiving off a part or the whole of their fees for entrance to schools and colleges, quotas in educational institutions and relaxation of upper age limits for applying into specific tasks. To be in a position to avail those privileges, a taxpayer belonging to a Scheduled Caste needs to have possession of a legal Caste Certificate.

What You Need to Do to Get a Caste Certificate
The application forms can be found either online or in the concerned community office at the City/Town/Village, which is ordinarily the office of the SDM (Sub-Divisional Magistrate) or of the Tehsil or Revenue Department. If none of your relatives have previously been issued a Caste Certificate, a local enquiry is conducted prior to issuing the Certificate to you. Evidence of residence on the State for a minimum specified time, an affidavit saying that you belong to a Scheduled Caste, and the court stamp fee are required at the time of program.

Procedure for obtaining Caste Certificate

We’ll connect you to attorneys, who will create all of the necessary reports in the sub-registrar office.

After the files are obtained, the attorneys will fill in the proper program for your caste certificate and complete the procedure on your behalf.

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Where are the applications available?

The application forms can be found either online or in the concerned community office at the City/Town/Village, which is ordinarily the office of the SDM (Sub-Divisional Magistrate) or of the Tehsil or Revenue Department.

What if none of your family members has earlier been issued a Caste Certificate?

A neighborhood enquiry is conducted before issuing the certificate to you.

What are the details required to fill in the application form?

Details for example your personal information, address details, contact information, details of dad /blood comparative’s and their caste certification information, specifics of references etc.

Is a gazette officer certification mandatory?

Yes, even a gazette officer certificate is mandatory.

Who verifies the details of the application?

The officers verify the particulars of the program by going to the candidate’s location and submits a report with a recommendation.

Who approves or disapproves the application?

The approved official approves or disapproves them. Dependent on the accredited official arrangement certificate/endorsement is issued to the applicant.

What is the time period of process to obtain the caste certificate?

It requires approximately 2 to three weeks after your

Are community certificate and caste certificate different?

No, they’re same. They’re known differently according to every place.

How can I get caste certificate?

Procedure to apply for Caste Certificate application is filed.
Visit your state’s Backward Class Welfare Portal. …
Click on link “Apply for Caste Certificate Online”
Create a new account in the portal or you can fill online application form directly.
After creating the account log in into the portal using the username and password.
What documents are required for caste certificate?

The below following are the required documents need to be furnished for obtaining Andhra Pradesh caste certificate.
An application Form.
Copy of Ration Card / Copy of Voter Card / Name in the Voter List (one of them)
A report regarding caste Patwari / Sarpanch.
Income report.
Aadhaar Card.
Residence Proof.

What is affidavit for caste certificate?

Affidavit For Getting Caste Certificate. This affidavit declares private info like caste and address of the individual declaring it. It’s attached with the program for getting caste certificate to the concerned authority for the issuance of all caste certificate to the deponent.

What is caste certificate validity?

PUNE: Before the previous calendar year, caste validity certification could be filed by students after obtaining admission in their various classes. … A caste certification only says one’s caste as a caste validity certification verifies that the caste certificate.

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