A Partnership Business is a kind of business constitution. Partnership firms are relatively simple to start and are prevalent amongst medium and small sized businesses in the sectors. With the introduction of Limited Liability Partnerships in India, Partnership Firms is quickly losing their pervasiveness due to advantage offered by a Limited Liability Partnership.-kanoons.

Goods & Services Tax is a comprehensive, multi-stage, destination-based tax that is levied on every value addition.
Every product goes through various stages along the distribution chain, which contains the buying of raw materials, manufacturing, selling into the wholesaler, selling to the merchant and the final sale to the customer. Goods & Services Tax will be levied on every one of those stages (like value inclusion) and in the point of consumption, as opposed to the source of the item. By way of instance, if the item is generated in Tamil Nadu but absorbed at Karnataka, then the whole tax revenue will visit Karnataka rather than Tamil Nadu.
Additionally, taxpayers using a turnover of over Rs.1.5 crores can opt for composition scheme to eliminate dull Goods & Services Tax formalities and pay Goods & Services Tax at a predetermined speed of turnover. kanoons.

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