Goods and Services Tax or GST was implemented in India in 1st July, 2017 and non-resident taxpayers are also needed to acquire GST Registration for foreigners and file GST returns. Foreign non-resident taxpayers are mandatorily required to acquire GST enrollment in India should they provide goods or services to residents in India. As stated by the GST Act,”non-resident Donation individual” means any individual who sometimes undertakes trades involving supply of products or services or both, whether principal or agent or in another ability, but with no fixed place of business or home in India. Further, all non-resident taxable men are needed to appoint an authorised person in India for the purpose of complying with GST regulations.-KANOONS.

Non-resident taxpayers are needed to acquire GST enrollment as a Non-Resident Foreign Taxpayer 5 days before the project firm in India. A program for GST Registration for foreigners for overseas non-resident taxable person has to be made through a licensed agent in India. After, a program for GST is registered, a trade number could be generated. Employing the trade amount, GST deposit has to be produced by the citizen to acquire GST registration in India.

Kanoons is the major company services stage in India, supplying an assortment of services such as GST migration, GST , GST return submitting, private limited company registration, trademark filing and much more. Kanoons can help you overseas businesses and NRIs with complete GST compliance solutions beginning from GST enrollment to GST return filing via a proprietary GST bookkeeping program. The normal time required to attain GST enrollment is about 10 – 15 working days, subject to authorities processing period and customer document entry. Receive a totally free consultation on GST  GISTER A COMPANY REGISTRATION FROM KANOONS


Registration Requirements

Before starting the procedure of implementing for GST Registration for foreigners, overseas companies or overseas applicants must determine someone in India to behave as its authorised agent for GST Registration for foreigners compliance and get PAN in India for your overseas entity (not mandatory).  According to GST rules, the applicant for GST registration produced by a non-resident taxable person ought to be signed with his authorized signatory who will be an individual resident in India using a valid PAN.  Hence, when the authorised signatory is participated, Indian GST enrollment procedure can be initiated for non-resident taxable persons. Registration for foreigners


To apply for GST registration as a non-resident taxable individual, program has to be filed in FORM GST REG-09.  GST registration is PAN based for routine citizens.  Nonetheless, in the instance of non-resident taxable persons, the GST registration software can be filed with a tax identification number or one of a kind amount on the grounds of which the thing is identified with the Government of the state or its PAN, when accessible.Registration for foreigners.

GST Deposit

GST Deposit for Non-Resident Taxable Persons Non-resident taxable persons and casual taxable persons under GST are required to remit a deposit for GST registration. The quantity of deposit for GST registration will equal the anticipated tax liability through the validity of this registration. Further, if a non-resident taxable individual requests for expansion of GST enrollment, then taxation must be deposited beforehand based on the anticipated tax liability of this expansion period.  (Know more about deposit necessary for GST registration).Once, the GST registration application will be registered with a non-resident taxable individual, an application reference number could be made for payment of advance tax.  On payment of taxation, the digital money ledger of the citizen is credited along with GST registration certification is supplied.

Validity of Registration

GST enrollment for non-resident taxable persons are supplied with a validity interval (Normally 90 days and renewable ).  The validity interval would be contingent on the petition of the taxable person and volume of GST deposit remitted.  In case a non-resident taxable individual intends to extend the validity period of GST registration, a program can be reached at FORM GST REG-11 prior to the conclusion of the legitimacy of registration.

Duration: 7 Working Days

Partners: N/A

Requirements: Authorized Signatory (Authorization Letter, Aadhar, Pan Card, Passport, Photo, Bank statement, Email and Mobile number) Foreigner (Passport, Photo, Bank statement, Email and Mobile number), Place of business (Rental agreement, NOC and Electricity bill)

Pricing: Starting from 9999/-




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What is the time limit for taking registration under GST?

A thing liable to be enrolled under GST must submit an application for enrollment under GST within 30 days from the date upon which the thing becomes liable to register for GST. Casual taxable men and non-resident taxable men have to be enrolled under GST, before starting business.

Can a business operate across India with one GST number?

No. An entity working in numerous states might need to get registered individually for all those States from where non supply of goods or services is created.

Can entities with VAT or service tax apply for new GST certificate?

Process was supplied in the GST portal site for migration of current service tax or VAT or fundamental excise to GST. Entities registered under older tax legislation must finish GST migration mandatorily to attain GST.

Can I register for GST voluntarily?

Yes. Any entity wishing to claim input tax credit may enrolled voluntarily, even though not able to be enrolled. After enrollment, willingly enrolled entities will also need to comply with regulations as relevant to some typical taxable individual.



Is PAN mandatory for registerting under GST?

Yes. PAN is compulsory for ordinary taxpayers and casual persons to be enrolled under GST. But, PAN isn’t compulsory to get a non-resident taxable individual for receiving enrollment.

What is the validity of GST certificate?

After GST certification is granted, the registration is valid till its surrendered or suspended or cancelled. Just GST certification issued to non-resident taxable individual and casual taxable individual have a validity interval.



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